Around the web…

Just some cool stuff I’ve come across lately. Spock gives his approval as well.

  1. Pastoral Theology Book – On vacation I read this book and was so encouraged by it. It’s a great reminder on how theology should shape a Pastor personally and his ministry.
  2. God Himself – A couple years ago we had Matthew Smith come to our Church. It was a great night of singing retuned hymns and worshipping the Lord. He has a new album coming out and today he released a video for one of the songs entitled God Himself.
  3. Marshawn Lynch Jersey – Being a Raiders fan all my life and living in DFW since 1998 sometimes causes me great pain. So every once and a while I get a small bit of joy from articles like this.
  4. The Flash Season 4 – I’m not just a pastor and Raider’s fan, I’m a geek too. I love that the flash is coming back and it cannot get here soon enough.

Hope you enjoy!

Soli Deo Gloria,



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